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Complete component plan

Oil filter

High quality material and excellent adhesion, to ensure uniform flow of lubricating oil without leakage. Built-in backflow prevention prevents engine oil depletion.

Fuel filter

The Perkins filter is designed for different fuel qualities and can remove impurities as low as 5 microns in size, effectively preventing serious damage to precision parts in fuel pumps and injectors.

The cooling system

Perkins' original solutions include radiators, water pumps, fan systems, air filters, thermostat and fuel coolers to support smooth and long-term operation of each Perkins engine at normal operating temperatures.

The fuel system

Perkins fuel pumps are carefully designed, tested and calibrated to ensure that our customers' Perkins diesel engines deliver high power output and economical fuel consumption while meeting emission standards.

Turbocharger turbocharger

Perkins turbochargers are precision built to millionth of an inch tolerances, saving fuel consumption and improving engine performance by up to 40%.

Start motor, generator

Perkins STARTER MOTORS ARE DESIGNED and TESTED TO MEET A product lifetime OF 36,000 STARTS - equivalent to dozens of starts per day. Perkins alternators use high quality brushes and bearings to extend service life and reduce equipment life cycle costs.

The seals

Perkins original seals are manufactured from high quality synthetic gum with high tolerance testing to ensure effective operation in extreme temperatures and operating conditions.

Perkins diesel engine oil

Perkins diesel engine oils are specially designed to meet the harsh operating cycles and harsh environment of off-road diesel engines, ensuring better engine protection during the replacement cycle.

Perkins long-acting coolant

Perkins long-acting coolant is green, requires no additional additions, and lasts twice as long as conventional coolants.

Diversified parts channels

Li Xingxing machinery asPerkinsIn East China, North China, Northeast China region of the first agent, with Jiangsu Kunshan headquarters warehouse, Beijing warehouse, Shanghai Waigaoqiao warehouse and regional service agency network warehouse, built more than30Each network closely covers the network. For customers to reserve all kinds of engine parts nearly ten thousand items, the total value of more than3000RMB

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