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For nearly 80 years, Perkins has been a leader in high-performance engines, with excellence in engine design and continuous progress in manufacturing processes. Perkins has developed into a leading supplier of 4-2500KW diesel and gas engines to the market. It can power more than 5000 different applications from more than 1000 equipment manufacturers in the construction, power generation, material handling, agriculture and general markets.

Engineering machinery

Construction machinery is known for the strong work of its engine, which can provide power for excavators, wheel loaders, excavation loaders, telescopic arm loaders, sliding loaders, dump trucks, bulldozers, gravel machines and so on.

Electric power

Small power generation operations for hotels, hospitals and construction sites, and large power generation schemes for national commercial development. Genset partners, providing a range of engine support to meet a wide range of needs.


Perkins engines provide reliable power for air compressors, pumps, road sweepers and welders.


The combination of the reliable performance of Perkins engines and the responsive customer support of Lexing Xing machinery has significantly reduced costs and maximized productivity and agricultural yields.


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